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Christian Referdex 2019/20
Friday, December 4, 2020 11:33:35 AM AEST

The Christian Referdex News, Current Affairs & FAQs.

 Why do we produce the Christian Referdex?®
The short answer is to communicate. This service lets you know who is supporting Christian and Community work. As they can only do so via their profits — we ask you to consider them when you require any work or services.

Why aren’t these Business People cheaper?
Because a cheap job rarely has lasting results. The business people featured here are encouraged to excel in work-manship. What this means to you is value in the long term rather than a short term saving.

Are all the people featured Christians?
Each person is supporting Christian work in the community — including some of the projects of the Christian Resource Trust. They have attested to their Christian faith.

Can my service or business be listed in the next Christian Referdex?
If you have a service to offer, practice your Christian faith and set a standard to your workmanship which is your best — then we would be happy to hear from you.

Are all denominations supporting the Christian Referdex?
All mainline Christian denom-inations have no problem with the work of the Christian Resource Trust. We have, and enjoy, an excellent working relationship with over 500 Churches and liaise with most of their leaders.

Is the Christian Resource Trust associated with any denomination?
There are no denominational ties as this may cause a barrier to form with other Christians. Our work is to serve the entire community of faith. We promote the Christian business and professional community and therefore increase their profitability and charitable giving.

How long have you been established?
Since 1978 ... I believe the success is based on God’s grace and setting high standards.

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